Beautiful brand & website design for creative women & influencers.

Oh hi! I'm Lauren

Everyone has a dream, a passion that they will pursue 'someday'--whenever that is. 

My job is to help you make that dream happen sooner through great design and bits of encouragement. 

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Custom Design Experience

"Lauren is patient, easy to work with, and has fantastic design ideas!

Every time she presented me with design elements it looked professional, polished, and of course styled.

It was like Christmas every time I saw an email from her in my inbox! It’s so pretty and a dream come true!" --Lex

"Branding has completely changed the way I make decisions in what I share and represent my business with.

I’ve gotten SO many compliments on the visible look of everything.

But the invisible benefit is truly confidence in knowing that I can feel good about sharing those things now."  - Candice

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