Hello, I'm Lauren, a brand strategist and graphic designer

My love of design goes way back to childhood. My Mom was de-cluttering and I rescued her stacks of Pottery Barn catalogs and Martha Stewart magazines to create mood boards and style collages. (Much to my current chagrin, I later threw away those childhood cut-and-pasted mood boards in a moment of teenage maturity.) 

Along with my love for aesthetics and intentional lifestyle curation, my husband, Drew and I are renovating an 1880’s Victorian home less than a mile from the shores of Lake Michigan. When I'm not perusing design ideas, you can find me on a quest to create the perfect yet not-too-predictable capsule wardrobe, trying new recipes (although I have a reputation for being the messiest cook), reading books and enjoying a late-night beach bonfire--or dreaming of a perfect vacation home south during the winter. (Next remodel, maybe?)

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