Eiffel Customizable Wedding Magazine

○ Showcases your work, your process and value. Build trust and convert potential clients into booking clients!

○ Stand out from other photographers who just have a simple pricing sheet. This creates the start of an experience with your client.

○ 30 professionally designed pages including engagement photo tips, how to build time into the wedding day for great photos and more!

○ Done-for-you copy that you can easily customize to your specific process and experience. 

○Customizable in both Photoshop (.PSD) and InDesign (.INDD) 

○ Video tutorials

○ Send digitally or get printed via MagCloud.com.

Custom designed, this magazine would cost over $500 and well known photographers including Natalie Franke and Amy & Jordan Demos have paid me well over that to customize their wedding magazine and create a specifically branded magazine. This is a huge value and I'm confident it will be a key part of your process! 

A few extra details: 

○ Please note that you will need to purchase this font and this font to use them with this design. 

why this magazine?

Thank you so much!! It looks SO good!! We’re truly blown away! You did such an incredible job! Thank you so, so much for everything! :)

--Amy Demos, Amy & Jordan Photography 

from a client