Eiffel Website & Magazine Package


○ Includes both the Showit Website Template and The Customizable 30-Page Magazine at introductory one-time pricing. 

○  Design-specific videos on how to edit both the website and the magazine.

○ Amazing value! To get both of these designs custom would cost over $2999.

A few extra details: 
○ Please note that you will need to purchase this font and this font to use them with this design. 

Want to get both the magazine and the website for a complete, branded look? Save when you buy the package!

common questions

What is Showit and how much does it cost? 

Showit is a drag-and-drag website builder that also acts as your host. This eliminates the need for extra website hosting, but you do need a showit subscription in order to use this template. You’ll want to select the Advanced Blog option if you want to have a blog. Showit will take care of migrating any blog content you already have for you! Super easy.

Why Showit?

Showit is the cheapest, easiest, user-friendliest way to have a drag and drop customizable website with powerful SEO and a Wordpress blog. It eliminates the need to hire a designer or hack code every time you just want to tweak something on the homepage. It's so user friendly, with great support and help tools.