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Do you ever have a time when it just seems like you want to create something new, but your well of inspiration is running dry? The expectations of producing client deliverables, content creation (like writing blog posts), marketing (like posting on Instagram) and ongoing learning (courses, webinars, educational content) can sometimes leave very little space […]


What To Do When You Feel Uninspired

As much as one can try to streamline things from a process standpoint, every single brand project is uniquely different. I have never worked on two which seemed the same, and I love that, because it makes it all fresh and interesting. So even though my process is the same (client contact > consultation call […]


4 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Brand Design

A brief message from a friend this past year made my heart sing. She said “Thank you for sharing all the things you do and encouraging women to pursue using the unique gifts God has given them even as they are young.” I might have cried a little. For the longest time, I hoped and […]

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What I’m Focusing On In 2018

At the beginning of the year I always take some time to evaluate how well everything is working together in my brand and what needs improvement or changes in order that the next year is successful. This set of worksheets comes from the questions I ask during a larger strategy session that I do with […]


How To Evaluate Your Brand For The Year Ahead (Worksheets!)

I’ve been there. Ready to hit post and feeling unsure about the content or photo. “What will the people following me think of this? Does it fit? Will it help me gain an audience and connect with my current followers?  Will it be helpful and interesting?”  Instagram can be tricky. Brands that will share any kind […]


Should You Split Up Your Personal & Professional Instagram Feed?

Last updated & edited May 2019 After being asked multiple times about my favorite books, I thought I would create a  post with my favorites! I’ll be adding others to the list as time goes on. These are my personal favorites. Books that have motivated me, encouraged me, and taught me over the past few […]

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My Favorite Business Books

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