So happy to finally be sitting down, writing this post and sharing a good chunk of wedding pictures! Our wedding day was beautiful. I had a few nightmares about freezing rain and dreary clouds, but instead, the weather was brilliantly sunny and bright. November weather is so unpredictable in the Midwest, and especially just southeast […]

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Our Late Fall Wedding | Getting Ready

Mar 6, 2019

Long before I got into graphic design and branding, I used to create moodboards from my Mom’s old magazines. I loved cutting out photos and pasting the ones that matched together on paper and compiling them into a notebook. I still love physical moodboards–the kind with pasted together paint chips, fabric and elements. Fast-forward to […]

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How To Create A Beautiful & Strategic Design Moodboard

Mar 27, 2018

Do you ever have a time when it just seems like you want to create something new, but your well of inspiration is running dry? The expectations of producing client deliverables, content creation (like writing blog posts), marketing (like posting on Instagram) and ongoing learning (courses, webinars, educational content) can sometimes leave very little space […]

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What To Do When You Feel Uninspired

Mar 21, 2018

When I woke up this morning there was a layer of snow on the ground (and yes, that is proof that this was not written ahead.) But, spring is almost here and I for one can’t wait. That’s why I thought it would be fun to share a sort of spring cleaning checklist with you–but this one […]


Spring Brand Refresh Checklist

Mar 6, 2018

As much as one can try to streamline things from a process standpoint, every single brand project is uniquely different. I have never worked on two which seemed the same, and I love that, because it makes it all fresh and interesting. So even though my process is the same (client contact > consultation call […]


4 Ways To Be A Great Design Client

Feb 26, 2018

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